Animated guide: Hurricanes

Animated guide: Hurricanes

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Animated guides: Hurricanes is one of three animated guides to the world’s most devastating phenomena found on the BBC website. Using a series of animated slides, the guide leads you through the development of a hurricane. To go through the slides, you simply click on the “Next” button found at the bottom right corner of the animation. The last slide of the guide allows you to see the differences in devastation that could be wrought by the different categories, from 1 to 5, of hurricanes.

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This animation can be used to illustrate the concepts of motion and the transfer of heat energy. It provides a simulated environment in which students can follow the development of a hurricane from when it starts as a cluster of thunderstorms over warm ocean waters to when the hurricane hits land where it could cause damage. The animation would be a great addition to a lesson on hurricanes or any lesson on severe weather. If used in a lesson, you may want to consider developing guiding questions to ask your students as they proceed through the guide so that you can check for their understanding.

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