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The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) opened in New York City in 1869, and has education as a big part of its work. A staff of more than 200 scientists, curators, educators, and administrators investigates everything from the origin and evolution of life on earth, the richness and variety of human culture, and the processes that shape the planet and the universe.

This splendid site is user friendly, contains current scientific information and interpretations, and is compelling to all audiences. It is an excellent site for teachers and students to visit. Once in the Education section, you have access to a variety of online resources, including Resources for Learning, which is a collection of activities, articles, evidence, analysis, and more. Kids may be particularly interested in the Ology section, an interactive site which covers a wide range of topics.

For Educators

The AMNH website is an excellent resource to help enhance your instruction of the natural sciences in your classroom. Almost the entire site has the potential to enhance your classroom teaching, from On Exhibit, where you can find background information, videos, and images for the museum's exhibits, to Science, where you can learn more about the science behind the exhibits. Perhaps the best part of the site for classroom use would be the Resources for Learning, found in the Education section. Another section of the site that would be of particular interest to your students would be the Ology section, where students can explore various scientific topics.

CERES Project: Educational Activities
K-12 | Website
Biomes of the World
K-8 | Website
Phoenix Mars Lander: Entry Descent and Landing
6-12 | Video

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