All Systems Are Go!

All Systems Are Go!

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In this online activity, a fictional character named Arnold is missing a number of body parts. You are presented with a body system and a variety of organs. You should drag and drop all the organs that belong in that particular body system to Arnold's body. Once all four systems are complete, a clothed Arnold will appear.

Note: If you drag in an organ that doesn't belong, all the organs pop out and you will have to start that system over.

For Educators

This tool can be used to complement instruction on body systems and function, as well as systems in general. This activity focuses on four systems: digestive, circulatory/respiratory, skeletal, and nervous. Keep in mind, the focus of this activity shouldn't be so much on the names of the organs, but more on the fact that organs in one system work together to make that system function.

The "Learn More" section provides information about each of the systems used in this activity.

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