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All About Birds is a comprehensive, online guide to birds from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. The site provides information on 599 species of birds, from the commonplace, like an American Robin, to the rare, like Kirtland's Warbler.

The site includes these sections: Bird Guide, Bird Cams, Birding Basics, Living Bird (a subscription magazine), and Get Involved. The Bird Guide allows you to search for birds by name or by browsing groups of similarly shaped birds. You also can browse by bird taxonomy.

In addition to the guide, the site seeks to help you improve your bird identification skills by giving you tools that you can use to identify the various species in its Birding Basics section. On each page, they give you a quick run-down of four keys that will help you close in on an identification—before you get to the point of opening a field guide.

The Bird Cams provide an up-close look at birds in several different areas of the United States. You can enjoy viewing birds like Barn Owls, Barred Owls, Hawks, Heron, Osprey, Albatross, and various birds that come to the Cornell feeders.

Finally, in the Get Involved section you can learn about various citizen science projects that allow you to help advance scientific discovery.

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For Educators

This resource can be used in a number of ways with your students. With elementary students, you could pair this resource with the Science NetLinks lesson, Look Up! Birdwatching in Your Own Backyard, by first having students carry out the bird observation activities in the lesson and then having them use the bird guide in this resource to clearly identify the birds they saw.

You also could take advantage of the Get Involved section to have your class participate in one of a number of citizen science projects, like the Great Backyard Birdcount or Project Feederwatch.

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