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With more than 150 levels, the Agent Higgs app, from TestTubeGames, has the potential to keep you occupied for a very long time. But will you learn anything while you're at it? The answer is yes.

Masked as a puzzle game, Agent Higgs can help you learn about particle physics in a way you've never done before. In this game, you are the Higgs boson, a secret agent trying to escape detection from the scientists by hiding among other elementary particles. In order to effectively hide and make your way among the particles, you have to contend with the various physical properties and decay patterns of the particles.

Each particle is represented by an icon on a square. To move them, you slide them around the grid to keep the Higgs boson hidden. Be careful, though, as you try to move the particles around the grid. If any particle meets its antimatter counterpart, both will “annihilate.”

Going Further

For Educators

The Agent Higgs app can be a fun way to help students learn about fundamental physical forces. You could have your students share your class's mobile devices and challenge each other to get through as many of the puzzles as possible. As they work their way through the different levels, they will learn about the fundamental particles of our universe. All three generations of matter, from electrons to tau particles, are present in the game. This app would make a good pre-instruction introduction, either at home or in the classroom, in preparation for learning about physical forces. 

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