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Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum

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The Adler Planetarium is the oldest planetarium in the country, created in 1930. With three theatres and a staff of scientists from around the world, it provides exciting hands-on learning for students of all ages. You will want to lead students to projects on the history, art, and technology of space exploration and astronomy.

The Adler is unique among Chicago museums in the variety of immersive theater programs it offers to visitors. From the Big Bang to the new Deep Space Adventure, the Adler’s theaters draw the audience into the experience.

The site is easy to navigate and full of activities for all ages, including resources for educators. There are links to other sites including NASA, The US Naval Observatory, and Sky and Telescope.

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For Educators

This resource would be a good complement to a unit on astronomy, the solar system, space travel, etc. The Planet Explorers exhibition, designed for pre-school through grade 3, is divided into three different environments: Exploring Earth, which includes backyard stargazing, Exploring Space, which includes Mission Control, a rocket, and space station, and Exploring Planet X, which includes the Planet X Research Station. This could be a good introduction to the space and space travel.

Shoot for the Moon consists of two galleries: A Journey with Jim Lovell and Mission: Moon. A Journey with Jim Lovell features highlights of Captain James A. Lovell, Jr.'s life and career, including his initial setbacks and ultimate triumphs. The restored Gemini 12 spacecraft is the centerpiece in a dramatic presentation of the culminating mission of the Gemini Program.

Our Solar System gallery offers interactive exhibitions designed to help visitors explore the planets, moons, comets, and asteroids that orbit our sun.

Telescopes: Through the Looking Glass presents the technology used to gather information about the Universe.

Teens will like the teen podcasts.

Simple Machines
K-5 | Interactive
Sizing Up the Universe
6-8 | Video
High Seas
6-12 | Interactive

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