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Active Explorer is an innovative app that combines the mobility of a smartphone with the abilities of a computer to allow you to collect images, video, audio, notes, and other data and then go online to see what you’ve collected, study it, and use it to make posters, comics, slide shows, and other fun SmartWork.

Active Explorer allows your teacher to login as a Leader and create Quests, which are like treasure hunts for data. Then you can login as an Explorer and collect what you need for the quests. Once you have captured the assets on your Quest To Do list, you can visit your Active Explorer Web page to see what you’ve collected and use it to create SmartWork: slide presentations, science posters, comic strips, and ebooks that let you share what you’ve learned with your fellow Explorers and Leader.

Going Further

For Educators

Since Quests can be about almost anything you can imagine—science, art, music, history, language
arts—you can use this app in the classroom for many different kinds of activities. In order to build your Quests, the app provides easty-to-follow Web templates. So, you build the Quest online and then you can share it with your students, or Explorers, by sending an email message to their smartphones.

This app can be used to enhance many of your science units by creating an interactive way for your students to explore the world around them and then create different ways of presenting what they have learned to you and their classmates.

The Active Explorer App was developed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), with support from Qualcomm's "Wireless Reach Initiative."

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