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The Action Graphing app, from Universe & More, is a game that can help you understand motion graphing. (Motion graphs portray and record time, positioning, and velocity of objects in order to identify and predict their movements.) It does this by challenging you to analyze and interpret graphs in order to predict real events and model the motion of physical objects. 

To use this app, you will follow the adventures of Ruggles and Non Chompsky, who are on a mission to find ice cream. They head off in their space ship to explore three different worlds, each of which represents progressively more challenging motion activities. Once Ruggles is on the surface of a planet, he moves along on a hoverboard that floats above a number line with each meter distance marked out on it. The bottom half of the screen displays a motion graph. It is up to you to move Ruggles across the screen and match the illustrated motion on the graph.

You'll need to know his initial position and his velocity in order to match coordinates on the graph below. A one-finger movement represents Ruggles’ initial placement on the graph, and a two-finger swipe sets his velocity. You are then able to see his actions once you’ve hit play. 

This fully interactive app guides you along by providing information about how to play the game in snippets, when and if you need them. There are 60 or more challenges in the game and each one builds on the success of the previous ones. For each challenge, though, you will be given guidance, if needed, on how to control Ruggles on his hoverboard. In addition, coordinates can be displayed by tapping on the grid. Also, a triangle appears if you tap and hold on one coordinate and drag to the next coordinate. The dimensions of the triangle, the rise and the run, can then be used to calculate the slope.


Going Further

For Educators

You can use this app in your classroom to help supplement a unit on motion and forces or to help reinforce concepts you are teaching in class. The app can be particularly useful in helping students learn how to analyze and interpret graphs to model the motion of real objects. You can use the app to differentiate your instruction to meet the needs of individual students during graphing lessons. It also could be used by students who need extra practice at home.

The developer's website, Universe & More, also provides several worksheets that can be used in addition to the game to help reinforce learning.

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