AC/DC What’s the Difference?

AC/DC What’s the Difference?

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You will have fun learning about the differences between alternating currents (AC) and direct currents (DC). You can read a brief synopsis of these two electrical systems and then begin your exploration of these inventions by clicking on either AC or DC in the electrical system interactive. By clicking on AC, DC, wire, battery, AC generator, or light bulb you will learn about alternating and direct currents, what exactly an electric current is, and two ways that the currents can be produced.

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This is an excellent site that would enhance any lesson or activity related to electricity. Students could be broken into groups to do a presentation on the various topics on this site. They could be assigned the wire, battery, AC generator, light bulb, alternating current, direct current, and/or any other applicable topic. Specifications of the presentation could be that students use visual aids, such as the actual item, pictures, drawn diagrams, etc., and that they are limited to two or three other website resources.

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