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About Rainbows

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As stated in this website’s introduction, a rainbow is "one of the most spectacular light shows observed on earth." This tutorial, developed by Beverly Lynds for Project Skymath of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, certainly does justice to the phenomenon. Images and charts help clarify the description and really bring the words to life. The links to specific definitions and additional information allow for a deeper understanding and a more thorough learning experience about rainbows.

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The site provides adequate information for a student, as well as a teacher, who needs research or information on the subject of rainbows. Especially nice are the quotes from other sources. This site could be used as a teaching tool in a science classroom or as general reference for those interested in the topic. The reading level makes the site most appropriate for students in grades six and above.

Light 3: All Those Seeing Color, Say Eye!
6-8 |
Light 1: Making Light of Science
6-8 |
Sensing the Invisible: The Herschel Experiment
6-8 | Hands-On
Ultra-White Beetle
6-12 | Audio

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