Teachers and Evolution on the Front Line

Teachers and Evolution on the Front Line

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This video is produced by the American Association for the Advancement of Science and features AAAS CEO Alan Leshner and teachers from Dover, Pennsylvania, discussing the importance of teaching evolution. It does a great job in distinguishing the difference between intelligent design (ID) and the scientific process. As it was pointed out, science is based on a series of investigations, tests, comparisons, giving facts, and  concrete evidence to substantiate the findings and prove or disprove the hypothesis. ID is based on religion and theory with nothing, other than belief, to prove the theory. Jennifer Miller made a good point when she said that she is not qualified to teach religion and that it is more appropriate for philosophy or religion classes.

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You can use this video to learn more about some of the issues surrounding the differences between evolution and intelligent design (ID). This video also provides you with a look at how the teachers in Dover, Pennsylvania dealt with an effort to try to force them to teach ID along with evolution in their science classes.

This video is likely more of a tool that you can visit to learn more about the issues. If you choose to use it in class, however, the video is best suited for high school as those students are more capable of making an informed decision. If it were presented to middle-school students, they should be in an advanced science class or the "Gifted" program. 

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