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A Touch of Class

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This is an interactive activity in which you can classify various plants and animals, including organisms such as a frog, jellyfish, venus flytrap, bat, human, and seaweed. The categories into which you can place these organisms include Animals, Things With Webbed Feet, Fish, Things That Lay Eggs, Mammals, and others.

At the start of each round in the activity, a name of a category appears at the top of the screen, as well as a grid with names and illustrations of various plants and animals. You can click on the plants and animals that belong in the category, and watch as your "score" is computed by a spaceship that floats over the grid indicating which organisms you classified correctly. 

The "Learn More" feature of this tool provides you with information about some of the categories. For example, it clarifies the common misconception that spiders are insects, explaining that they actually belong to a group called arachnids.

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You can use this interactive activity to help build on your students' understanding of the classification of organisms. It would be a good way to help students understand that many kinds of organisms can be sorted into groups in many ways using various features to decide which organisms belong to which group. The interactive also helps demonstrate how classification systems are frameworks used by biologists and demonstrates how living organisms can be classified in a variety of ways.

One way you can use this interactive in your classroom would be to divide your students into groups have each group play through the interactive. You could ask your students questions based on the categories and organisms found in the interactive.

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