4000 Years of Women in Science

4000 Years of Women in Science

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Considering that modern American society has only truly acknowledged the legitimacy of women in sciences recently, a website on 4,000 years of women in science is truly an inspiration! This low-maintenance site includes an introduction, 125 biographies, accompanying photographs with enlargeable images, and references from books, articles, and catalogues. Biographies are listed through links in these ways: chronological (beginning in 1878 B.C.!), alphabetical, and in individual frames for easy viewing. Another link, titled "20th Century Women," isolates the most recent female contributors to science. Professions listed include inventors, scholars, and writers, as well as mathematicians and astronomers.

The site was created by Dr. Deborah Crocker, a professor at the University of Alabama, and Dr. Sethanne Howard, a scientist at the National Science Foundation. The Introduction is worth exploring for its overall definition of science and the observation that the results of science truly have no gender.

The page scrolls down below the main page to offer a "Did You Know?" section, which includes short trivia with links for further information; an interactive quiz on the history of women in science; a Java-enabled crossword puzzle; a comment form; and learning links to related sites.

Unfortunately, the site does not appear to be maintained, so a number of links do not work, including the link to the interactive quiz. Because of all the useful information, however, the site is still well worth visiting!

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This website, created by two women scientists, is an excellent resource for expanding students’ knowledge of the role of women in science. The Introduction gives a succinct description of the scientific endeavor and why it’s important to learn about the long history of women in science. The “Did You Know” section includes trivia about women scientists. Students may find they are more motivated to read the biographies when searching for information to complete the crossword puzzle and interactive quiz (although the link to the quiz is not currently working).

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