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24/7 Science is a good place to go for science games and hands-on activities.

In the games section, you can find more than 30 games that you can play by yourself. They include things like Jupiter's Moons, where you can simulate Galileo's observations of Jupiter's moons; Dinosaur Games, where you can play a dinosaur body matching game to discover hidden dinosaur facts; and How Small Is Small, where you can size up some super small stuff like red blood cells or bacteria.

The hands-on activities section offers 13 hands-on science activities that you can do with the supervision of your teachers or parents to learn about plants, animals, and Earth science. You can try your hand at building bridges with some objects you can find at home; cleaning up a tiny oil spill by testing materials like sand, paper towels, dryer lint, and grass; and going on a bug hunt for ants, butterflies, ladybugs, and more.

In addition to the games and hands-on activities, you can test your knowledge with some quizzes and read issues of Matea y Cientina, a comic in English and Spanish that has hands-on activities included with each one.

Going Further

For Educators

24/7 Science can be a good resource to use for science activities that provide some new ways to introduce your students to various topics in science. Some of the online games match the hands-on activities.

You could use the online games to help reinforce science topics that you cover in class. The games allow students to change variables in investigations and solve real-world problems. You could use the hands-on activities in your lessons to provide your students with the opportunity to observe for themselves how some scientific concepts work.

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