Your Simple Machine Station

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You have been learning about simple machines in this lesson. Now you get a chance to create a simple machine station!

Figure It Out!

You have been assigned to a simple machine station. At your station, there are the materials to demonstrate one of the six simple machines. Figure out which one it is and assemble it.

Our simple machine is the ___________________________


Put It To Work!

Now, put your simple machine to work. As a group, use the machine and discuss what it would be good for. Record your ideas here. Create a visual! Work together to create a poster that illustrates the following:

  • What your simple machine is

  • The uses of your simple machine

  • Some examples of other machines that may use your simple machine

You can use words, cut-out pictures/images, drawings, etc. on your poster.

Stop here and wait for teacher instructions before continuing.



Observe a simple machine from another station. Imagine doing a task that could involve this simple machine. Then complete the following on the back of this paper:

  • Describe the task that needs to be done.

  • Describe how you would do a task with your bare hands.

  • Describe how you would do a task using a simple machine for help.

  • Describe why it is better to do the task with the machine.

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