Writing a Sense Mystery: Ideas

Writing a Sense Mystery: Ideas


This sheet is for you to refer to for this group writing experience, especially if the majority of your students are not yet reading and writing.


  • What does your character look like?
  • What does your character smell like?
  • What does your character like to taste?
  • What does your character NOT like to touch?
  • What does your character NOT like to hear?

What happens?

  • What does your character do? What exciting, sad, frustrating, scary, or happy things happen in your story?
  • What is the mystery?
  • How does your character use each of her/his five senses when doing things? (Refer to your
    Sense Detective student sheet to give you ideas.)
  • For example, does your character…
    • Hear any strange noises? How does s/he learn what the noise is?
    • Smell something wonderful and follow her/his nose? What smelled so good?
    • See something s/he wasn’t quite sure of? How did s/he use her/his eyes to learn more about it?
    • Taste the most disgusting thing in the world? What was it? How can s/he get that terrible taste off her/his tongue?
    • Feel something unusual? What was it? How did her/his fingers help her/him learn what it was?

How does it end?

  • What happens at the end of the story? Does the mystery get solved? How?
  • How did your character use her/his five senses to solve the mystery?


This teacher sheet is a part of the My Senses Tell Me... lesson.

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