What’s Your Wingspan?

What’s Your Wingspan? © 2012 Clipart.com


In this activity, you’ll work with a partner. Take turns measuring your wingspans and heights.

1. Have your partner spread his/her arms out straight from the shoulders on each side of the body.


2. Using a tape measure, measure the distance in inches from the tip of the longest finger on one of your partner’s hands to the tip of the longest finger on the other hand. This is the wingspan.


3. Write down your names and wingspans in the boxes below. Round your answers to the nearest inch.


Partner Name












4. Measure your partner’s height from the bottom of the heel to the top of the head. Don’t measure his/her shoes. Your partner may want to remove his/her shoes before you measure his/her height. Write his/her height down in the correct box above. Round to the nearest inch.


5. Now, let your partner measure you.


6. Record the difference between wingspan and height in the table. 


7. Share the information, or data, that you collected with the class. 


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