What Makes Vicki Tick?

What Makes Vicki Tick?


Read this short biography about Vicki Cobb to learn more about the author.

Vicki Cobb is from New York City. As a little girl, she loved going to school. She liked going on field trips and reading books. She liked making things in class, and she really liked doing hands-on activities, like science experiments. She also liked getting graded on her work because she liked knowing when she did well in school and knowing where she needed to try harder.

Vicki says these experiences made her a life-long learner. In fact, she says that’s why she writes children’s books, because she always learns something new. To Vicki, writing children’s books means she gets to have the kind of fun she had when in school.

The first book Vicki wrote was called Science Experiments You Can Eat. After that book, she wrote another 88 books! Most of them are about science and are written for kids, so they have lots of fun experiments kids can do in class and at home.

Vicki has written so many science books, and done so many great things to teach kids about science, that she got a big award this year. She won the 2012 AAAS/Subaru SB&F Lifetime Achievement Award. SB&F stands for Science Books & Films. It is a project of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Vicki Cobb went to college and studied zoology and science education. After college, she worked as a laboratory researcher and science teacher. Then she became a full-time writer of science books for children. 

Want to know another fun fact about Vicki Cobb? Her coauthor is her son Josh, who is an optical engineer, and her son Theo is an artist and art director.

Now answer these questions based on the article: 

Vicki’s books have lots of fun science experiments kids can do in class and at home. How do you think Vicki came up with these experiments?



Do you think she followed her own curiosity to discover how things work? What does it mean to follow your own curiosity?



Why do you think it’s important for scientists, students, and anyone else interested in science to conduct experiments?



What does conducting experiments teach us?



What do you think a life-long learner is?



Vicki liked getting graded on her schoolwork. Why do you think she liked that?



Why did Vicki receive the SB&F Lifetime Achievement Award?



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