What Happened to the Mammoths?

What Happened to the Mammoths?


Use your What Happened to the Mammoths? student esheet to go to the Mammoth Migration Map site to explore the four known species of mammoths and an evolutionary timeline that places the woolly mammoth extinction into perspective. Use the information from this resource to help you answer the questions on this sheet.

Mammoth Migration Map
Where did mammoths originate?



How did they get to Europe?



There were three distinct changes in the evolution of the woolly mammoth. Complete the chart below to learn more about the evolution of the mammoth.

Evolution of the Mammoth


Ancestral Mammoth

Steppe Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth

Species Name




What did it look like?




Where did it roam?




How long ago did it live?




When did it become extinct?





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