What Is DNA?

What Is DNA? Photo Credit: Clipart.com


You have been learning about the human cell and the genetic information—known as DNA—that is stored inside its nucleus. Through the Tour of the Basics from Learn Genetics, you will explore the role of DNA in specifying cell function in the human body.

First read through the following questions. When you are ready to begin, go to the online interactive. Click on the tab that says “What is DNA?”

1. What type of cells will the interactive explore in the human body? What function do they support?



2. What is the largest structure inside the cell?



3. Why is the nucleus an important cell structure?



4. Based on the image in the interactive, are there other structures inside the cell besides the nucleus?



5. How many chromosomes are found within the human cell nucleus?



6. What is the relationship between chromosomes and DNA?



7. What do the initials DNA stand for?



8. What type of bond exists between the bases?



9. What is the backbone of the double helix?



10. What are the four letters of bases and how are they paired?



11. What do the base letters stand for?



12. What are genes?



13. What do proteins do?



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