What Choices Would You Make?

What Choices Would You Make? Photo Credit: Clipart.com


Read the introduction paragraph for the following scenarios, Marfan’s Syndrome, Breast Cancer, or Transgenics, and chosse the story that you are most interested in from The DNA Files' Interact page.

Now that you have chosen one, read the scenario and as you do think about choices that will have to be made, and how those choices will affect yourself and your family. As you read through the scenario and face decisions, answer the following questions.

  1. Describe Marfan’s syndrome, breast cancer, or transgenics.
  2. Describe your initial scenario. Who are you? How does a genetic disease
    affect you? Who else is affected besides you?
  3. Describe why you made the first choice and its consequences.
  4. What types of limitations did you face with each choice?
  5. Which choices were the most difficult? Explain why.
  6. After making a decision and reading the effect of that choice, did you have
    any regrets?
  7. What types of consequences did your choices have on the people in your
  8. In the scenario, who else was faced with making ethical decisions besides
  9. How did their choices affect you?

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