What Can Data Tell Us?

What Can Data Tell Us?


What kinds of questions can you answer using data? Do the activities on the What Can Data Tell Us student esheet to practice collecting and studying data.

Tower of Hanoi

Use the Tower of Hanoi simulation to record data in this table.

Number of Disks Number of Moves


Cereal Box Problem Simulation

Use the Cereal Box Problem Simulation to record data in this table and answer the questions.

Number of Prizes Number of Cereal Boxes


What will your sample size be? Why?



How will you record your results?



How will you analyze your results?



What questions will you be able to answer by looking at this data?



Use the following number line to display your results and then answer the questions.

                                                           Number Line

Are there places where the data seems to pile up?



Are there places where there is little or no data?



What number is in the middle?



What are the highest and lowest numbers?



What is your sample size?



What question(s) can be answered by looking at this data collection?



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