What Is Behavior? Quiz

What Is Behavior? Quiz Photo Credit: Clipart.com



The response of an individual or group
to its environment or within
the context of its environment.

Which of the following are behaviors?

Mark them with a “B.” Or make a note of the appropriate numbers on a sheet of paper.

1.   _____ rust building on the metal of a car
2.   _____ a smoker craving a cigarette
3.   _____ lichen growing on rock
4.   _____ a flower closing its petals as darkness falls
5.   _____ a man hiccoughing
6.   _____ boulders tumbling down a cliff
7.   _____ a new mother falling into post-partum depression
8.   _____ a schizophrenic patient experiencing hallucinations
9.   _____ a girl and boy flirting on the bus
10. _____ a computer winning a game of chess
11. _____ birds migrating south in the fall
12. _____ an old man with Alzheimer’s forgetting the name of his son
13. _____ a bacteria darting across a liquid
14. _____ adult teeth replacing baby teeth
15. _____ a mathematician calculating a formula
16. _____ a middle-aged man experiencing male-pattern baldness
17. _____ snow falling
18. _____ a teacher who cheerfully greets her students each morning
19. _____ a student daydreaming during class
20. _____ a soccer player making a goal

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