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You know that clean water is an important resource that is needed by all communities. Because of this, people in communities around the world often participate in efforts to protect their local watersheds. Use the resources on your student esheet to learn more about watersheds and the actions being taken by citizens to try to protect their watersheds. You can use the information to help you answer the questions on this student sheet.

What is a Watershed?
What is a watershed?



What is included in a watershed?



What is its driving force?



Do you know of any watersheds in your region? If so, where are they? What are they like?



Are these watersheds important for your region? If so, how are they important? What would happen if the watershed near you gets full of oil or other pollutants?




Watershed Functions
Hydrological Functions




Ecological Functions




The Water Cycle in Portland: Living in a Watershed
Where does the water from streets and parking lots go?




What are some of the steps the city is taking to help protect its watershed?




What can citizens do to help protect the watershed?



Community-Based Watershed Management
What is watershed management?



What is community-based watershed management?



What are some characteristics of community-based watershed management?



What are some of the challenges associated with community-based watershed management?



What are some keys to success?


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