A Visit to the Vet: Cats

A Visit to the Vet: Cats


Use the following Ask the Behaviorist resource from your student esheet to learn more about cat behavior.

Ask the Behaviorist: Cats

Below is a list of questions regarding cat behaviors. The date signifies when the question was asked and is where the question and response can be found on the website. After you read the animal behaviorists’ advice, write down your ideas about what is causing the behavior and how it might be changed. Tell whether the behavior is innate, learned, or perhaps both.

Feb. 6 – The youngest male cat of three “goes” on the floor outside the litter box. Why?


Feb. 9 – Brat is spraying all over the house. What can be done?


Feb. 10 – The older cat (Tuxedo) is not accepting of the new cat (Georgia). Why not?


Feb. 18 – Boo is depressed over the loss of Clyde, an older cat. Any advice?



Describe a cat behavior with which you’re familiar.

Cat Behavior:





Do you think this behavior is particular to cats or do other animals do it as well?



Now describe an innate human behavior.

Human Behavior:





Describe whether this behavior is unique to the human species.



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