Virus/Infectious Disease Hall of Fame

Virus/Infectious Disease Hall of Fame Photo Credit: Clipart.com


Your task now is to create a Virus/Infectious Disease Hall of Fame by creating a PowerPoint on one specific virus/infectious disease that you think is worth exploring. Use the websites listed on the What’s Really Bugging You? student esheet or any that you find on your own.

Discuss with your group/partners these questions:

  • What are a virus, a bacterium, and an infectious disease?
  • How do infectious diseases get into our bodies and cause us to get sick or even die?


Then decide with your group/partners/self the answer to these questions:

  • What infectious disease do we want to work on?
  • What is so special and scary about it?
  • What do we already know about this disease?
  • What do we want to find out?


Answer these questions in five PowerPoint slides–you might want to assign several questions to each person and then work together as a group or in partnerships.
1. Is it caused by a virus or bacteria?


2. Where did this virus/infectious disease come from?


3. Is it carried from animals/living creatures to humans?


4. How do humans get it?


5. What does it look like? Can we see it under a microscope?


6. What are the symptoms?


7. Where is this disease spreading?


8. Can we catch it?


9. Is it a new or an old disease?


10. Did anyone discover it?


11. How can it be prevented?


12. Can it be cured? Can you die from it?


13. Does it respond to antibiotics or other drugs?


14. Is there a vaccination for it?


15. What can we do to prevent it from spreading?


Once you have done your research, find pictures that you would like to include with your presentation. Then, create a title for your Hall of Fame disease—you can even do some graphics. Put it all together in a PowerPoint presentation.

Present your disease to your class. One person can be the narrator or you can take turns explaining what your discovered and why your disease deserves recognition.

Take time to reflect upon what you learned about your disease.

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