Virtual Lab

Virtual Lab


You have been learing more about the building block of life by reading The Cell by Jack Challoner. Now you can use Virtual Lab from CELLS alive! to help you deepen your understanding of cells and cell structure.

Virtual Lab

Use the links on your The Cell student esheet to go the the Virtual Lab. You can follow the directions on the esheet to help you navigate through the activity. Use this table to record your observations from the lab.

Bacterial Strain


Genes turned off

Genes turned on

Culture plate

Light Microscope

Electron Microscope



Discussion Questions

What types of hypotheses can you test with this kind of genetics experiment?



How does knowledge about cells influence our lives today?



If you were a cell biologist, what questions would you ask to further our knowledge of cells? What would you want to learn? How would you go about testing your hypotheses? How is the information you learned about cells useful to your daily lives? How does it influence your personal (career) interests?



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