Uses of Energy

Uses of Energy


Use the Using and Saving Energy resource on the Power Play student esheet to help you answer the questions on this sheet.

What are the four main uses of energy categories?

1._________________________________ 2.__________________________________

3._________________________________ 4.__________________________________

Which one of these categories uses the most energy? Which uses the least? (Be sure to give
the percentage for each.)


What types of energy help power transportation?



What is the total percentage of energy that powers automobiles, light trucks, and other trucks?



What types of work do these fuel-powered vehicles do?



Commercial Buildings
What are the main forms of energy employed in commercial buildings?



What type of energy provides power for lighting?



What type of commercial building makes use of the most energy? What types of work do these
buildings do?



Residential (household)
What are the different ways that energy is put to use in households?



What is the primary energy source that provides heat in most single-family homes? Where are
personal computers more commonly used—in multi-family dwellings or mobile homes?



Industrial & Manufacturing
In manufacturing, what is the primary way that coal is put to use? Electricity?



Which industry makes the most use of energy?



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