Uses of Energy Teacher Sheet

Uses of Energy Teacher Sheet


Students should use the Using and Saving Energy resource to help them answer these questions. The answers to the questions are provided on this sheet.

What are the four main uses of energy categories?

1.__Industrial Sector_________________ 2.___Transportation___________________

3.__Residential_____________________ 4.____Commercial_____________________

Which one of these categories uses the most energy? Which uses the least? (Be sure to give
the percentage for each.)
 The industrial sector uses the most energy at 31%. The commercial sector uses the last at 19%.

What types of energy help power transportation?
Gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, natural gas, and other forms of energy help power transportation.

What is the total percentage of energy that powers automobiles, light trucks, and other trucks?
Automobiles, light trucks, and other trucks make use of 77% of the total amount of energy used
in transportation. 

What types of work do these fuel-powered vehicles do?
Answers may vary. Cars, vans, and buses are commonly used to carry people. Trucks, airplanes, and railroads can be used to carry either people or freight. Barges and gas pipelines only carry freight.

Commercial Buildings
What are the main forms of energy employed in commercial buildings?
The main forms of energy that provide power for commercial buildings are electricity, natural gas, district heat, and fuel oil.

What type of energy provides power for lighting?
As shown by the light bulbs, electricity provides power to light buildings. 

What type of commercial building makes use of the most energy? What types of work do these buildings do?
Answers may vary. Retail and service buildings (20%) use the most energy. They are made up of grocery stores, department stores, and other kinds of shops that provide people with food, clothing, and other necessities of life.

Residential (household)
What are the different ways that energy is put to use in households?
Energy is used in the following ways in households: space heating (41%), lighting and appliances (26%), water heating (20%), air conditioning (8%), and refrigeration (5%). 

What is the primary energy source that provides heat in most single-family homes? Where are personal computers more commonly used—in multi-family dwellings or mobile homes?
Natural gas (58%) is the primary energy source that heats most single-family homes. Personal computers are more commonly used in multi-family dwellings (25%) than in mobile homes(15%).

Industrial & Manufacturing
In manufacturing, what is the primary way that coal is put to use? Electricity?
Nearly 68% of all the coal used in manufacturing is used as boiler fuel. Electricity is used primarily for machine drives (51%).

Which industry makes the most use of energy?
Petroleum refining is the largest industrial consumer of energy (32%). 


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