An Unexpected Discovery Teacher Sheet

An Unexpected Discovery Teacher Sheet


After reading Chapter One: An Unexpected Discovery, of Dinosaur Eggs Discovered! Unscrambling the Clues, students should answer the following questions on their student sheet. Hold a class discussion to go over the questions and answers about the reading in class.

1. Where did the three paleontologists search for fossils?
They searched in Patagonia, Argentina. Show students the map of Argentina for reference.

2. What were they initially looking for?
They were searching for bird fossils.

3. What did they find instead?
They found the dinosaur eggs.

4. Why did the paleontologists search for fossilized embryos inside the eggs?
They had a hypothesis that the eggs belonged to sauropods.

5. What types of rocks were the paleontologists looking for?
They were looking for sandstone and mudstone deposited 70-90 million years ago.

6. What types of things did the paleontologists know for sure about the egg fragments they discovered?
Some of the eggs had embryonic dinosaur embryos inside, fragments of scales were fossilized, and the eggs were buried in mud.

7. What questions did the scientists have about the eggs?
What caused the death of these dinosaur eggs? Were these really the eggs of sauropods? What did the embryos look like? Were the eggs laid in nests? Did dinosaurs return to the site after laying the eggs? What other dinosaurs lived at the site? Did the dinosaurs live in herds?

8. What questions do you have about the eggs?
Answers will vary. Examples include: How old are the eggs? How long did the embryos stay in the eggs before hatching? How did adult dinosaurs protect their eggs from predators? What were the predators?

This teacher sheet is a part of the Dinosaur Eggs Discovered! Unscrambling the Clues lesson.

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