Understanding Droughts

Understanding Droughts Photo Credit: Charles Roffey via flickr. (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) http://bit.ly/1Pga8y6


People's perception of benefits and risks related to drought often are based on past experiences and other information that they have heard or read about drought. Use the resources on your Understanding Droughts student esheet to learn more about what a drought is.

The Drought/Surviving the Dust Bowl/Extreme Droughts

How important is water to society?


What are some examples of the role that droughts played in American history?


Do you think drought could affect you? How would you prepare for a drought?


What do people use water for (besides consumption and agriculture)?


Where do people get their water from and what happens when something, such as drought, threatens the water supply?



What Is Meant by the Term Drought?








Understanding Your Risk

Write a brief explanation of how drought compares to other natural hazards such as floods and hurricanes. Make sure to include a concise definition of what a drought is in your explanation.



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