Treatment of Hydrocarbons

Treatment of Hydrocarbons Photo Credit: Clipart.com


You should use the resources on the Treatment of Hydrocarbons student esheet <http://sciencenetlinks.com/esheets/treatment-of-hydrocarbons/> to answer the questions on this sheet.

Oil Refining: A Closer Look

  • What are the seven petroleum fractions that emerge from the distillation column?
  • What are the four treatment processes for the light gas fraction?
  • After clicking on all seven red circles, what is the most common treatment process?
  • What are the two treatment processes for the residue fraction?
  • Select a “Hydrotreating” treatment to open a box that describes the process. Based on your reading of the description, what does the hydrotreating process remove from the hydrocarbon fractions?

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