Treatment of Hydrocarbons Teacher Sheet

Treatment of Hydrocarbons Teacher Sheet Photo Credit: Clipart.com


Students should use the resources on the Treatment of Hydrocarbons student esheet to answer these questions.

Oil Refining: A Closer Look

  • What are the seven petroleum fractions that emerge from the distillation column?
      They are light gases, light naphtha, heavy naphtha, kerosene, diesel, gas oil, and residue.
  • What are the four treatment processes for the light gas fraction?
      They are amine sweetening, gas plant, polymerization, and alkylation.
  • After clicking on all seven red circles, what is the most common treatment process?
      It is hydrotreating.
  • What are the two treatment processes for the residue fraction?
      They are coker and deasphalting.
  • Select a “Hydrotreating” treatment to open a box that describes the process. Based on your reading of the description, what does the hydrotreating process remove from the hydrocarbon fractions?
      It removes impurities such as sulfur, metals, and nitrogen.
This teacher sheet is a part of the Chemistry of Petroleum 4: Treatment of Hydrocarbons lesson.

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