Ch. 2: Tracking Chimeras in the Fakahatchee Strand Reading Guide

Ch. 2: Tracking Chimeras in the Fakahatchee Strand Reading Guide


The "Tracking Chimeras in the Fakahatchee Strand" chapter explores the conservation story of the Florida Panther and the genetic efforts to save these endangered animals. This chapter explores the idea of using genetic rescue to increase the genetic fitness of a population. Use the resources on the Resurrection Science student esheet and read Ch. 2 in the book to help answer the questions on this sheet.

Key Terms

  • Genetic augmentation
  • Chimera
  • Gene flow
  • Genetic rescue
  • Anthropogenic
  • Hybridization
  • Outbreeding depression
  • Gene pool
  • Habitat fragmentation 


1. In your own words, explain the dilemma in this chapter.


2. What was the most interesting thing you discovered in this chapter?


3. What was confusing?


4. Captive populations of panthers had lower fitness levels. What does this mean? Fitness is a measure of what?


5. What do they mean by gene flow between two different panther populations?


6. What is the difference between natural and anthropogenic hybridization?


7. What are some outcomes of habitat fragmentation of panther populations?


8. Research any additional information out there on the Florida panthers that was not mentioned in this book. How is the panther population doing today? 


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