Tournament Set Up Teacher Sheet

Tournament Set Up Teacher Sheet


In order to help bring together the various elements of this lesson, hold a tabletop soccer tournament to get your students to try new strategies and experience the science concepts involved in this sport.

TableTop Soccer Tournament

If you have never organized and run any kind of tournament before, don't worry. It really isn't that complicated. The first thing you'll need to know is how many teams are participating. Then, go to Tournament Brackets from Darters.com* and select the link for the number of teams. When you select the number of teams, a tournament bracket will pop up for a single elimination tournament. Near the top will be two links for double elimination tournament brackets. Print those off, and fill in the team names for each of your teams.

The first pages in the "Winners Bracket" and the second pages in the "Losers Bracket." You will notice that after each initial pairing in the winners bracket, there is a code like W1 and W2. That simply menas winner of game 1 and winner of game 2. After the game is played, write the winner's name in the space. On the losers bracket, there will be L1 and L2, etc. The loser of game 1 goes in the L1 spot and so on. Just keep following that pattern until the tournament is complete.

In this tournament, you can have several games going on at once. You will need to have players tell you the winner, so you can keep up the brackets and announce the next round. It is suggested that you alternate between winners and losers brackets for the first round or two to make the tournament go more smoothly. Each team will play at least twice, but once teams are eliminated, encourage them to watch and cheer on other teams, lest you have classroom management issues.

*Darters.com is considered by some to be a gambling site, so if your school has a firewall set up to prevent access to these types of sites, you may find it blocked. Consider printing this at home or setting up a tournament style bracket yourself in Microsoft Excel or some other program, such as described here.

This teacher sheet is a part of the Faster Higher Smarter lesson.

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