Technology and Health

Technology and Health


Respond to these questions regarding your chosen health technology. These questions will guide you as you complete your research.

What technology have you chosen?___________________________________________________
(Note: Your technology must be pre-approved by your teacher.)

  1. Explain your technology. What is it? How does it work?
  2. What is the science that goes into your technology? That is, name and describe the scientific concepts that go into the technology you have chosen.
  3. How was this science harnessed into technology? What problems needed to be overcome for your technology to happen, and how were they overcome?
  4. Who benefits and who suffers from your technology? What are the social and financial costs?
  5. What are the risks of this technology? How probable and how severe are they? What has been or can be done to minimize them?
  6. Do these costs change over time? Do some develop more quickly or slowly than the others? How?
  7. Might there be risks to not using this technology? How do they compare to the risks of using this technology?
  8. Is your technology controversial? Why? List some of the arguments for and against your technology and how it has been used in society.

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