Tabletop Soccer

Tabletop Soccer


Use the directions on this sheet to help you play the Tabletop Soccer game.


Object: The object of the game is to shoot the ball into the goal to score points.

Setup: The goal should be at one end of the box lid and the shooter at the other. Insert the craft stick on the goalie through the hole in the top of the box. The offensive player should be placed no closer than 3 inches in front of the goal. Stretch the rubber bands across the pegs.

Game play: One player will start on offense and the other on defense. The offensive player will use the shooter to launch the ball at the goal. They can do this by placing the ball on the board in front of the rubber band. They can then use the string to pull back the rubber band. Let go of the string so the rubber band hits the ball. They can shoot directly, or use the offensive player to deflect the ball toward the goal. If the ball goes in, they score a point. The defensive player will move the goalie to try to stop the ball. Each player gets 10 turns on offense.  

Winning: The player with the most goals out of 10 wins.

Breaking a Tie: In the case of a tie, each player will get 5 additional turns. During the tie breaker round, all shots must deflect off the offensive player for a goal to count.

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