Sun & Skin Question and Response Teacher Sheet

Sun & Skin Question and Response Teacher Sheet


In this lesson, students will review what they already know about the impact sun exposure has on human skin and what people typically do to protect themselves, if anything. Using a number of online resources, they will then learn how to care for their skin, the damaging effects of sunburns and tanning, and how sunscreens provide protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. This sheet provides answers to the multiple choice questions on the Sun & Skin Question and Response student sheet.

1. A. melanin
2. B. Nerve endings
3. B. UVB
4. C. acne
5. A. 15
6. C. 4:00 PM
7. A. epidermis
8. D. pigmentation
9. A. tendonitis
10. C. Clothing
11. B. sunblocks
12. C. weeks

This teacher sheet is a part of the Sun & Skin lesson.

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