Studying the Impacts of Teen Drinking

Studying the Impacts of Teen Drinking

Part 1: Brainstorming about the Impact of Student Behavior
This activity is designed to help you think about how your behavior may have more far-reaching effects than you think. Work with your group to come up with examples of this kind of behavior. Then answer these questions:

Examples of your behavior that had much broader effects that you thought they would:



What impact did your behavior/decision have on you?



What impact did your behavior/decision have on other people?



Were you surprised that your actions affected other people? Why or why not?



Did you learn any lessons from this experience? If so, explain what you learned.



How do you think your experience applies to alcohol abuse?



Part 2: Design Your Own Program and Educational Materials
During the first part of this lesson, you thought about past experiences in which your behavior affected other people. Now you will consider how to stop a particular kind of behavior—alcohol abuse—before it can have serious impacts on other people. Working with your group, design a program to prevent young people from engaging in alcohol abuse. Then develop an educational product, such as a comic book or fact cards, to accompany your program. The resources listed on the Resources for Your Study of Alcohol Abuse student esheet will give you some ideas about what should be included in your program.

As you design the program, consider these questions:

What are the overall goals of the program?



What is the target age range for your prevention program?



What elements should the program include? For example, would it be helpful to include activities about how individual behavior can affect other people? Consider whether an activity like the one you did at the beginning of the lesson would help students understand why alcohol abuse is a problem.



How should the program be set up? For example, it could be a local program with a set time and meeting place, or it could be a virtual program, which could bring in members from around the country. Decide how you want to organize it.



What are the key facts (findings) about alcohol abuse that you think your program should focus on to prevent young people from abusing alcohol?



What educational materials will you need for program participants?



What kind of materials are you interested in developing?



What would you like participants to learn from the program? Use the space below to write up your program design.



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