Studying Ancient Disease: Group 3

Studying Ancient Disease: Group 3 Photo Credit: Clipart.com


Go to the Mystery of the Pharaohs website, read the section below, and answer the following questions. Then working with your group, use the answers to prepare a brief presentation to the class about how scientists are learning about ancient diseases by studying mummies.

Section to read: Deciphering Disease in Ancient Mummies

  1. Why is it no longer necessary to unwrap or even remove mummies from their coffins for study?

  2. From which part of the mummy is the majority of evidence for ancient disease is gathered from and why?

  3. What can scientists learn about mummies from x-rays?

  4. How does technology help scientists "see through coffins" and virtually unwrap a mummy they’d like to learn about?

  5. After a sample of internal tissue is carefully rehydrated, what can scientists do to gather evidence from the sample?

  6. What diseases did the ancient Egyptians suffer from? What two modern diseases did they rarely suffer from?

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