Skin Care: Acne

Skin Care: Acne


Use the resources on the The Story Behind Acne student esheet to help you answer the questions on this sheet. Be prepared to discuss these questions in class.

You & Your Skin
What does your skin do for you?



How are the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue different?



What is melanin? In which layer of skin can it be found?



What is the best way to treat insect bites?



What is the best way to wash your face, with your hands or a towel? Why?



What are some ways to keep you skin healthy?



Acne Myths
What measures did Grant take to control his acne problem?



According to the article, what really causes acne?



Are young males or females more likely to have severe acne?



What are blackheads? Whiteheads? Papules? Pustules? Nodules?



What other myths about acne are revealed in this article?



What treatment is recommended for mild-to-severe cases of acne?



What approach is suggested to help prevent the spread of acne?



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