Science of De-Extinction

Science of De-Extinction


You have probably heard or seen the Jurassic World movie and its depiction of bringing back long-extinct animals. But would something like that really be possible? You'll get to learn more about the science of de-extinction in this lesson. Use the resources on the How to Clone a Mammoth student esheet to help you answer the questions on this sheet.

What to Bring Back

What are some of the factors that we should consider when deciding who to bring back?


What is generation time and why should it be a consideration for bringing back an extinct species?


Why might reintroducing an extinct animal into a habitat be considered risky?



What is De-Extinction?

What did Beth Shapiro clarify about de-extinction?


What surprised you about this definition?



How to Bring a Mammoth Back to Life

What does Beth Shapiro do for a living?


Why go to the Arctic to collect ancient DNA samples?


Why is the Arctic an ideal place to get ancient DNA?


What are the steps for “how to bring a mammoth back?”

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