The Science Behind Science Fiction Teacher Sheet

The Science Behind Science Fiction Teacher Sheet

Tell one thing about the author's background that you think prepared him to write the book. Give an example from the book of how that experience shows. Do this by starting a sentence with: "For example" and fill in the blank.
He has two kids—of the same names as the characters. So he knows real-life things about kids and brothers and sisters, such as the fact that they sometimes bicker. For example, when they are breaking into the property, Ryan and Regan argue about how to do it—and Ryan wants Regan to stay behind. She disregards him.

He went to college to study Molecular Biology. That is the science that studies how molecules behave and is heavily involved in genetic engineering. This science influences the themes. For example, when things behave strangely—such as matter dissolving to enter other worlds—it is the result of molecular interactions.

What is molecular biology?
Molecular biology is the study of molecules that make up life, particularly their structure and behavior and how they affect life.

Does the Internet play a role in his work when he is writing? How does it affect the science part of it?
Yes. He said it helps "immensely" because it gives him quick access to all the world's libraries’ greatest ideas and science. That helps the research stage of his book, and particularly the scientific research. In science fiction, the science should be accurate to make the combination powerful.

What does he mean that "books aren’t written, they are rewritten”? How could that affect your own writing?
He means that the end product we read is really different from the first draft because he wrote it over and over, trying to improve it through rewriting and rethinking. He didn't just sit down and write it one time, start to finish. We can use this technique by allowing time for rewriting—and expecting to rewrite, not just doing it one time and having every word stay the same.

This teacher sheet is a part of the The Prometheus Project: The Science Behind Science Fiction lesson.

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