Scavenger Hunt Tip Sheet

Scavenger Hunt Tip Sheet Photo Credit: Clipart.com


Print out a hard copy of the first five research summary pages from the website Major Affective Disorders (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/omim/125480).

As you read the selection, conduct a scavenger hunt for phrases that reference research methods. Use a highlighter to mark the phrases you find.

Phrases that reference types of research:

  • “the role of genetic factors is indicated by concordance monzygotic and dizygotic twins, respectively”
  • “using positron emission tomographic (PET) images”
  • “as demonstrated by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)”
  • “in 34 families”
  • “presented a 2-generation family”
  • “tested for parent-of-origin effect”
  • “studied … cell lines”
  • "a number of family studies”
  • “in association studies”
  • “suggest a molecular basis”
  • “by linkage analysis”
  • “found evidence of a susceptibility gene”
  • “using linkage disequilibrium”
  • “2 pedigrees”
  • “complete genome screen”
  • “candidate region”
  • “genome wide association study”

[there are many more]

Additional Scavenger Hunt

Locations mentioned where genetic research into Major Affective Disorder has been studied:
Denmark; Canada; Faroe Islands; Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; Central Valley of Costa Rica; Iceland; the United Kingdom; Australia; Scotland

Use of the word “suggested” to describe study findings:
Variations of the word “suggest” are used more than 20 times in the first 5 pages. Other qualifying, non-definitive phrases include:

  • “implicated in”
  • “was demonstrated”
  • “might be”
  • “were interpreted as indicating”
  • “may actually be”

Note: the word “proved” does not appear in this research summary

Use of phrases that suggest a disconfirmed hypothesis:
Page 4 has a number of such phrases, including:

  • “both yielded negative results”
  • “ruled out tight linkages”
  • “failed to find linkage”
  • “inclusion of additional data weakened greatly”
  • “found no evidence of linkage”

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