Round and Round It Goes!

Round and Round It Goes! Photo Credit: Science NetLinks


Use this sheet to answer questions and take notes based on what you read about each process of the water cycle on the Round & Round It Goes! The Water Cycle website.

Rain & Snow (Precipitation)

What is precipitation?


What happens to precipitation when it falls over Wisconsin?


Other notes on precipitation:



What is infiltration?


How are plants a part of this process?


Other notes on infiltration:


Ground Water

What is ground water?


Describe the movement of ground water.


Other notes on ground water:


Water Table

What is the water table?


Other notes on water tables:



What is evaporation?


Other notes on evaporation:



What is transpiration?


What happens to water vapor once it is let into the atmosphere?


Other notes on transpiration:


Water Vapor

What is water vapor?


What causes clouds to form? What causes precipitation to fall?


Other notes on water vapor:


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