Robert Gardner

Robert Gardner


Use the resources on the Robert Gardner student esheet to answer the questions on this sheet.

What are the four different basic categories of clouds?



Which type of cloud is formed of ice crystals?



Which type of cloud looks like a blanket covering the sky?



Which type of cloud brings steady rain or snow?



Which type of cloud has the greatest height?



Robert Gardner Interview
Where did Mr. Gardener first work after college?



Did he enjoy that job?



When did he get caught up in teaching hands-on science?



Was he interested in science as a young child?



About how many books has Mr. Gardner written?



Who chooses the topics he writes about?



What does he find hard about writing with someone else? What does he like about it?



What does he find most difficult about writing hands-on books?



What was the subject of the book that he thought was his best writing?



What hands-on topics did he most enjoy writing about?



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