River Flooding

River Flooding


Use the resources on The Ups and Downs of River Flooding student esheet to answer the questions on this sheet.

What is a Flood?
Why is the hydrograph (flood pattern) of a river much like a signature?



Are small rivers flashier than large ones? Why or why not?



Are seasonal floods regular events and do they occur on a schedule?



What might happen if the Amazon failed to flood for one year? What about for 10 years?



What is a Great Flood?
How is a great flood different from a seasonal flood?



Are great floods predictable?



How Are Floods Good?
Where are most of the cities?



How many major cities are in the watershed?



What proportion of the watershed is forest, grassland, cropland, or barren?



Is this an arid watershed?



How might these factors influence flooding in the watershed?



How Are Floods Bad?
Can a great river like the Mississippi be controlled by humans?



Can humans work hand-in-hand with natural flood-dissipation processes to protect their towns and property?



What are some of the causes of catastrophic floods?



What are some of the effects of catastrophic floods on humans?



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