Risks and Benefits Essay Rubric

Risks and Benefits Essay Rubric Photo Credit: Science NetLinks


The rubric on this sheet will help you write the essay as instructed on the the Risks and Benefits esheet.


Explain the risks and benefits of one of these topics using the resources found on the Risks and Benefits  esheet:

  • Gene technology
  • Transgenic crops
  • Vaccines
  • Food irradiation
  • Internet
  • Heart drugs

Write a five paragraph essay discussing the risks and benefits of the topic you have selected. Clearly state the risks and benefits and provide supporting details from the resource article. Based on your reading, decide whether you think the technology is “worth it.” If you do not think that you have sufficient information to form a conclusion, explain why and pose some questions that you would need answered before you could form a conclusion. Your essay will be evaluated on these criteria:

  • Benefits are clearly stated and supported by details.
  • Risks are clearly stated and supported by details.
  • Several relevant questions are asked which would provide information to help make the decision.
  • Possible answers to the questions are posed or reasons why questions can’t be answered are stated and supported.
  • Issues that might affect public perceptions of risk are identified and explained.
  • Reasons for making a decision are clearly stated.
  • The response states a clear position that is supported with sufficient, accurate, and relevant details.
  • The response is logically argued and organized.

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