Ricky's Atlas

Ricky's Atlas


Have you ever wondered what happens to an ecosystem during a fire and how the ecosystem recovers from it? Read Ricky’s Atlas to learn more about wildfires and how scientists go about studying an area affected by fire.

Answer these questions based on your reading of Ricky’s Atlas.

1.  What was the cause of the fire in the ponderosa pine forest?


2.  What was the human response to the fire? (In your answer, think about how the fire was spotted, how it was contained, and who was involved.)



3.  After the fire burned through the forest, what organisms did Ricky and friends find in the forest and how did they think these “critters” survived the fire?



4.  Fire can be used as a tool too. Prescribed fires were used in both the forest and prairie. What are an advantage and a disadvantage to doing a prescribed burn?



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