Ricky's Atlas Revisited

Ricky's Atlas Revisited


For this activity, you should reread chapters 6-7, "After Fire" and "The Prairie," in class. Focus on how scientists in the story monitor the burned area of the forest.

Please answer the questions after rereading Ricky’s Atlas, Ch. 6, "After Fire."

1.  How are the scientists monitoring the burned site in the forest following the fire?



2.  How did they use transects to monitor the burned site?



3.  What would be an advantage and a disadvantage to using transects to monitor an area?



4.  What kinds of data are being collected at the burned site in the forest?




5.  Using transects to monitor the same area can be done for many years. What kinds of changes to the burned area would you predict the scientists would see over many years of monitoring transects?



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